As we are witnessing the harrowing scenes of men, women and children being killed and their property destroyed in Palestine, we feel repulsion and heartache for the victims.

Values of free speech, debate and discussions are the bedrock of our society. Our children feel strength in talking about these concerns. They will find solace in talking to their families and their friends, largely at school and college.

However we must be aware of the Prevent duty which unfairly stigmatises Muslims.

One of the factors of radicalisation the Prevent duty has referred to, has been the support of Palestine.

We are already seeing an increase in the number of young people, reported, facing disciplinary action or referred to PREVENT fordiscussing and opposing the latest assault on Palestinains in their schools and classrooms. 

We must empower our children and encourage them to continue speaking about Palestine and all other just causes. We ask you to educate your children on the Prevent to provide them with the confidence to challenge overreach by those who target them for speaking about this crucial issue.

If your children are asked questions from anyone other than their teacher, they have the right to refuse to answer until a parent is present or they have sought legal advice. 

For support, advice and assistance, please contact the free CAGE helpline on 0300 030 2243 and you can learn more about Prevent here.

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