London – President-elect Joe Biden’s win will be seen by many as a return to normality, however without meaningful policy shifts, nothing much will change for those facing the brunt of America’s endless wars across the globe and domestic oppression in the form of CVE (Countering Violent Extremism) and mass surveillance.

The War of Terror and Guantanamo Bay in particular have survived multiple presidencies, all of whom have capitalised on fear and discrimination to ramp up securitisation at home and abroad.


Moazzam Begg, Outreach Director for CAGE said:

“For too long the role of the United States President has been a counterproductive one globally. If there is to be any meaningful change, then the US must withdraw from Afghanistan, halt its endless wars, close Guantanamo and release all prisoners held unjustly under the War on Terror. In terms of domestic policy, the PATRIOT Act, CVE and mass surveillance must be scrapped.”

“Obama escalated drone warfare, Trump did the same and shrouded it with secrecy. Now Biden must wind down these operations and focus on America’s increasing domestic unease, which is linked to police brutality and endemic racism.”


Image courtesy of Flickr/Thomas Cizauskas

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