London – CAGE calls for a full investigation into the role of the UK in US extrajudicial killings, after documents provided to the Guardian by Edward Snowden showed UK complicity in US drone strikes.

The GCHQ documents show evidence of high level co-operation between UK and US security forces in drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen.

In 2012, CAGE raised questions over the complicity of the UK in the assassination of Bilal Berjawi in Somalia and Mohammed Sakr, both of them by US drone strikes.

Lord Ian Macdonald QC, former Special Advocate, has said by using citizenship removal “the British government can completely wash their hands if the security services give information to the Americans who use their drones to track someone and kill them”.

It seems that this was the case with Berjawi who had his citizenship revoked in 2010. Two years later in 2012, Berjawi is assassinated by US drone strike. Coming hours after calling his wife in the UK to congratulate her on the birth of their son, as revealed by CAGE. This pattern suggests not only British complicity, but a desire to evade responsibility for their deaths.

Ibrahim Mohamoud, spokesperson for CAGE said:

“The British government has continually evaded questions around UK complicity in US extrajudicial killings, which take place illegally even by the admittance of key security personnel, as is evidenced by the GCHQ documents. The time has come for those responsible to be held accountable without exception at the highest levels. International law prescribes that all citizens are innocent until proven guilty through due process, and not simply assassinated.”

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