CAGE is delivering a UK wide series of ‘Know your rights’ workshops focusing on Schedule 7. This is due to the lack of understanding that exists around individual rights when stopped under Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000. Schedule 7 is a major trial upon the Muslim traveller. We hope that through these workshops we can raise greater awareness of the powers port authorities have under Schedule 7, and empower you to stand firm and be confident.

  • Muslims are being stopped at UK ports using wide-reaching anti terror laws for over a decade.
  • Under Schedule 7 powers normal rights such as suspicion, remaining silent, legal access are curtailed.
  • More than 60,000 people are questioned each year. It is believed that most are Muslims.
  • Those who are stopped are NOT under arrest but are also NOT free to leave.
  • DNA, finger prints and electronic data can be taken.
  • Many are questioned for the full 6 hours, without being repatriated for missed travel arrangements.

    Join us at one of the workshops where speakers will include lawyers, activists and victims of Schedule 7. You will hear case studies, go through practical tips and also be able to ask legal professionals any questions you may have. We will be issuing CAGE’s Know Your Rights leaflet on Schedule 7 for the first time at these events, so don’t miss out!

    If you would like to organise a workshop in your local community, please email

    You can register your place at the events on the links below:


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