London – The Intelligence and Security Committee report confirming the complicity of Britain in torture and rendition is the first official acceptance of what countless survivors have claimed, and what CAGE has alleged since we first obtained evidence in 2006.  

Though a step forward in the struggle to obtain justice for survivors, the report falls short of demanding that perpetrators of this abuse are held accountable and prosecuted. This is an essential component of any true and honest attempt to learn the lessons of this period, and to enable individuals and communities to heal. Cage will continue the struggle for justice despite the concerted attempts to tarnish its reputation and work.

Asim Qureshi CAGE Research Director said:

“After studying the report, this is really just another example of the culture of impunity that persists when it comes to acknowledging and correcting the lived experiences of those who were harmed by agents of the state. This is affirmed by the fact that the survivors of this abuse refused to participate in this process due to the layers of impunity given to perpetrators. CAGE supports them in that decision.”

Moazzam Begg, CAGE Outreach Director and former Guantanamo detainee said:

“Today’s report by the ISC substantiates beyond doubt what the former Guantanamo prisoners and others have been saying for almost two decades. That the British government was wilfully and complicity involved in our kidnap, false imprisonment and torture for years.

“However, reports that are not followed up by objective and transparent efforts to hold perpetrators accountable remain hollow. The US admitted torturing 119 people in the CIA Torture Report in 2014, yet today the US is led by a president who believes torture works, intends to waterboard more suspects, has ordered that Guantanamo remain open and appointed a known torturer as head of the CIA. There can be no justice until torturers and those who issued orders to them are prosecuted for war crimes at the highest level.  Anything less will reinforce what most already believe: that governments today are unaccountable.”

CC image courtesy of Flickr V Pickering 

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