Salatul Janazah (Islamic funeral prayer) of the Late Azmat Begg, father and mentor of Moazzam Begg will be held at Birmingham Central Mosque on Thursday 1st September 2016, 1:45pm.

The burial will be at Kings Norton Cemetery, Birmingham at 3pm

Azmat Begg fought for three long years for his son’s release from Guantanamo Bay. His example of bravery and resilience remains inspiring to many.

Moazzam Begg recently said of his late father:

“He showed me the way to dignity, hope, courage, resilience, patience and faith and fought for me in ways that few ever could during the darkest of times. I will never forget his teachings and will pass them down to future generations. He was loved by the inhabitants of this world. Let that love pass to the inhabitants of the next – may Allah ease his passage into it. Please remember him – and us – in your prayers.

إنا لله و إنا إليه راجعون”

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