London – The Queen’s Speech is due to include details of a series of regressive measures in the form of an Extremism Bill. CAGE explores whether the Bill is attempting to politically exploit concerns of politically motivated violence, as a means to silence dissenting and unpopular views.


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Ibrahim Mohamoud, Communications Officer, said:


“For many, this will be seen as an extension of the PREVENT Strategy, exacerbating the chilling effect on open debate, free speech and political dissent. The government needs to learn from the criticisms levelled against the PREVENT policy and rather adopt an approach that is based on dialogue and openness.”

“Proposals on removing ‘extremist’ material and giving those powers to Ofcom to enforce on broadcasters is a further encroachment and erosion of balance and press independence.”

“Curtailing someone’s ability to express their Freedom of Speech, should happen when incitement and calls to harm others are made. Anything which seeks to redraw that long established consensus will inevitability be seen for what it is – a baseless power grab by the Government for its own political purposes.”

“British society has been based around cultural institutions, rather than attempts to impose British ‘values’.”

“Governments should not be in the business of passing laws against people and groups who express opinions they disagree with.”


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