London – The exceptional decision of appeal judges to allow Shamima Begum to return home and challenge her citizenship deprivation illustrates that the secretive SIAC procedure (Special Immigration Appeals Commission) is incapable of providing an independent review of politically motivated decisions .

The decision exposes the ineffectiveness of the SIAC process which serves merely to rubber stamp ministerial decree.

Muhammad Rabbani, Managing Director of CAGE said:

“Shamima Begum left the UK as a vulnerable young girl and is currently languishing in a camp having lost three young children. Today’s judgment acknowledges Shamima may have been a possible victim of grooming.”

“This case demonstrates the vindictive approach of the Home Office in its strategy of adopting populist hostility.”

“SIAC courts rely on secret evidence that a defendant cannot see or challenge which denies due process protection. Furthermore citizenship deprivation is deeply racist, affecting only British nationals of foreign ancestry.”

“We can only hope that this judgment may offer a pathway and practical avenues to manage the return of British nationals who are currently stuck in prison camps in Syria and Iraq.”


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