Words of Support


At CAGE we are indebted to our supporters and their commitment gives us purpose to continue campaigning for justice and calling for accountability.

[/vc_column_text][wpc_testimonial style=”default” name=”Ali Adorus’ wife” avatar=”2595″ testimonial_content=”This is no 9-5pm organisation. CAGE have been available, sometimes working until early hours of the morning on my husband’s case, whenever I have needed their assistance. Their considerable support and commitment have made a situation which would have been overwhelming for me, easier to deal with by Allah’s Mercy. They have provided me with legal, emotional and practical help tirelessly throughout this difficult time. May Allah reward them in this life and in the next inshallah.”][wpc_testimonial style=”default” name=”Abdur Rahman, Raid victim” avatar=”2594″ testimonial_content=”I did not know where to turn when my house was raided, except to CAGE. Their doors were always opened for advice. They did a lot to reassure me and my family. They gave us confidence to go through this. Their help was priceless.”][wpc_testimonial style=”default” name=”Supporter” avatar=”2595″ testimonial_content=”CAGE is an organisation that allows me to sleep at night. It is no exaggeration to that that without the important work that CAGE does, the injustices, the gradual erosion of our rights and the fate of hundreds of forgotten souls languishing in extrajudicial prisons, would go completely unchecked.”][wpc_testimonial style=”default” name=”Abdullah – Arrested under anti-terrorism legislation” avatar=”2594″ testimonial_content=”Alhamdulillah, CAGE’s support and advice was very beneficial to me. It’s great to know that there is an organisation out there watching your back, especially since most are scared when it comes to these issues.”][wpc_testimonial style=”default” name=”Supporter” avatar=”2595″ testimonial_content=”I just wanted drop a quick email to say Say Strong all the brave brothers and sisters at Cage for the amazing and courageous work you are doing. Please do not let the relentless pressure and media bias the organisation is currently facing deter you from doing what you have done so amazingly in the last 11 or so years.”][/vc_column][/vc_row]