The arrest and charges against Moazzam Begg are deeply disturbing and shocking. He should not have to go through this new nightmare and we must campaign for justice and the truth for Moazzam now that he needs our help. Our thoughts go out to Moazzam and his family and we need to find out how we can support him at this difficult time.

Moazzam has worked tirelessly to expose crimes against humanity and for the end of rendition to torture and for the closure of Guantanamo. He did not forget those he left behind in that illegal torture chamber. He has never forgotten Shaker Aamer, the last British resident still there after 12 years. He has worked every day for Shaker's release and return to the UK.

Moazzam's work has been recognised across the world. He has showed no fear in in his pursuit of justice for others. After the trauma of his cruel imprisonment in Guantanamo, he could have chosen a quiet life to recover from years stolen from him in his years of unlawful and cruel treatment in Guantanamo. He has chosen instead to dedicate his time and energy to seek to help others in greater need.

His courage and search for the truth have made him a target for those who have something to hide. We have found him to be a true and thoughtful man and we call an end to this nightmare. Free Moazzam Begg, drop the charges, now.

Joy Hurcombe, Chair of the Save Shaker Aamer Campaign


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