This meeting will discuss the fight against Islamophobia and antisemitism; the defence of civil liberties and migrant rights; opposition to the PREVENT programme; building solidarity with refugees; resisting the far right.

Come and discuss how we can stand up to racism.


  • Moazzam Begg, CAGE Outreach Director
  • Fleur Anderson, Labour councillor
  • Weyman Bennet, Stand Up To Racism National Co-Convenor
  • Jackie Schneider, Merton Welcomes Refugees
  • Naima Omar, Student Stand Up To Racism
  • Jan Neilsen, Wandsworth NUT joint secretary
  • Imam Suliman Gani

Date: Friday 2nd December, 7pm

New Testament Assembly,
7 Beechcroft Road,
Tooting Bec,
London SW17 7BU


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