Johannesburg – The family of Fayaaz Valli, the South African who died in Syria in 2013, have approached CAGE Africa to issue a statement on their behalf.

In response to a Sunday Times article published in South Africa, the Valli family have issued the following statement through CAGE Africa [2]:

Our son Fayaaz, travelled to Syria motivated by a desire to assist the Syrian people. There is a long tradition amongst Muslims which resonates with the history of South Africa, that all right thinking people have a moral duty to fight against oppression. He was not satisfied to sit back and watch civilian population being slaughtered by a despot regime.”

However, we wish to make it absolutely clear that He was not affiliated with IS. Any attempts to create this link is a sordid attempt to defame his good name and sincere intentions to protect civilians from butchery. The desire for a sensational headline overrides the truth and we are obliged to set the record straight

Allah decreed that Fayaaz would be from amongst those who would exhaust his life in assisting the oppressed. We are pleased with the Decree of our Lord and May Allah find us from amongst the patient ones.”

We consider him a source of honour for us and pray Allah accepts his efforts.”

(CC image courtesy of Chaoyue 超越 PAN 潘 on Flickr)

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