The issue of citizenship deprivation is another example of ‘War on Terror’ rhetoric being exploited by the government at the behest of neocon ministers and lobbyists who have succeeded in fulfilling their aim of creating a hostile environment by “making conditions for Muslims harder across the board”.

CAGE has long campaigned for the protection of the rule of law and due process. This has led to a change in public opinion regarding Guantanamo, massive opposition to the toxic Prevent programme and recognition of the abuse of intrusive surveillance through policies such as Schedule 7.

The issue of citizenship deprivation is another subject on which we have many cases documenting the same abuse of due process in the name of ‘counter-terrorism’. There have been numerous cases involving predominantly Muslim men before the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC) where the use of secret evidence is the norm and defendants cannot challenge the evidence against them.

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There has been never been an outrage about such an assault on the justice system, which involves a compliant judiciary and legal profession.

Pointing out the two-tier justice system and highlighting the fact that some in British society are treated as second class citizens is not a ‘false grievance’, nor is it creating a ‘them and us narrative’. As the Home Secretary has shown it is a reality.

If you have any historic links with another country, you can be instantly deemed an “alien” , and the chances are greatest if you are Muslim, black or brown and/or you are an opponent of the ‘War on Terror’.

It is a pity that so many human rights champions have been too intimidated and have failed to raise the alarm at the successive build-up of anti-terror laws aimed at the Muslim community; they should have seen that these laws would over time infect the whole of society and thereby undermine the rule of law and protection of basic liberties.

Mahdi Hashi: The story of the London boy stripped of his citizenship, kidnapped and rendered to the US

Now all citizens are at the mercy of a state surveillance structure that can target anyone from the nursery to school, work, hospital and care home.

We once again call upon right thinking people to support our work in resisting an onslaught against hard won freedoms. With your support we will overcome the smears and lies against us, which is in reality a smokescreen for blacklisting opposition to oppressive policies.

The danger is and always was, not an overzealous Home Secretary, but a compliant press and civil society that chose to remain silent in the wake of the rising Islamophobia and racism that justify discriminatory laws.



Photo by Jonathan Harrison on Unsplash

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