Separating Families – How PREVENT Seeks the Removal of Children

This is a report unlike any that CAGE has produced before, and it comes at a crucial time. In today’s global paradigm we have become acquainted with the images and stories of children being removed from their parents in countries that espouse “freedom and democracy”. This has happened under the guise of “immigration control and preventing terrorism”.

We have seen this happening in the United States and, at a lower profile but no less significant extent, in Australia. Such policies have long roots in colonialism and empire.

Now, for the first time, CAGE is offering documentation that the removal of children, and the attempted removal of children, is taking place in the family courts of the United Kingdom. It is being done using an unreliable and highly subjective method of measuring “extremism” and “radicalisation”, themselves subjective terms that have not been adequately defined.


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How PREVENT is Separating Families – NEW report

Flawed PREVENT "science" is being used to separate mothers from their children.This is happening already… This is going too far!Yet, the mothers we’ve seen have been brave and courageous and successfully stood up to PREVENT and keep their families together. If we stand up like them, we can stop this from happening to more families. Please listen to this important video and SHARE——We’ve just published a full report on this. Read it in full here: you could book your tickets for one of our upcoming events about this serioius issue:

Posted by CAGE on Monday, 24 September 2018

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Living a Nightmare: How PREVENT tried to remove Yusra's children.

Imagine going through 3 years having PREVENT trying to take your children away…This left Yusra with a heart attack!But through courage and determination, she managed to protect her children and keep her family together.Read her story in full here:—Read our latest report "Separating Families: How PREVENT Seeks the Removal of Children" :

Posted by CAGE on Wednesday, 26 September 2018

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