London – Rishi Sunak’s announcement to broaden PREVENT to target those who hate Britain and refocus it on Muslims is as unworkable as it is an opportunistic pandering to the far right of the conservative membership in order to bolster his chances of becoming leader. 

The former chancellor’s position is reflective of an authoritarian reorientation of how the Government is managing the PREVENT programme in anticipation of the Shawcross review of the policy. 

Anas Mustapha, CAGE’s Head of Public Advocacy said:

“Prevent is a political tool with a primary function of protecting the state from critique and dissent. Sunak is exploiting the prejudices of his party members against Muslims especially, to frame those challenging growing state impunity as ‘extreme’. While this is unworkable it also highlights why the toxic programme must now be abolished.”




Image courtesy of Number 10 on Flikr 


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