London – The politicised prosecution and imprisonment of Palestine Action ‘actionists’ underscores a growing curtailment of the right to protest and an institutional complicity with the Israeli apartheid regime. There is international outrage at the policies pursued by the extreme right wing Israeli administration as it launches yet another vicious war against the Palestinian population in Jenin and beyond. Today we join over 70 influential public figures, lawyers and academics in demanding an end to these trials and for the release of these political prisoners.

Those signed include: Roger Waters (co-founder of Pink Floyd), Nkosi Zwelivelile Mandela (South African MP), Mick Wallace (MEP), Michael Malarkey (actor), Lowkey (rapper), Muhammed El Kurd (journalist), Moazzam Begg (CAGE Senior Director). 

Currently there are 7 Palestine Action activists in UK prisons, two sentenced last week and a further one facing trial from Monday 3rd of July, with a dozen more facing prison. 

This is all unfolding as an anti-BDS law is being floated and further anti-protest laws are being tabled again by Parliament. 

Naila Ahmed, Head of Campaigns at CAGE said:

“We stand by Palestine Action’s political prisoners and all those incarcerated for their support of the Palestinian cause in the face of Israeli aggression. The UK Government has demonstrated its willingness to sacrifice civil liberties in protecting Israeli arm factories producing murderous weaponry that’s tested against civilian populations of Gaza and the West Bank – this is tantamount to complicity in war crimes.”

“The security state is adept at exploiting moral panics, fears and prejudices to expand its powers. Whilst Palestine Actionists are now facing prosecution and imprisonment, this attack on the right to dissent and protest is a serious violation of basic civil liberties that presents a danger to all and not just a few.”



Image courtesy of Palestine Action

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