Last month, CAGE led and organised the joint statement opposing the PREVENT strategy. The letter was published in the Independent, signed by over 200 academics, activists, legal and medical professionals.

The statement details exactly what is wrong with the PREVENT strategy as it stands, with a sole focus on Islamic ideology without looking at research which has proven social exclusion, social, economic and political factors play a more central role towards political violence, far more than ideology alone. The issue with assessing an ideology is that it becomes based upon the outer manifestations of a religion, in this case Islam and becoming overtly practising, becomes a marker to identifying ‘potential’ terrorism. PREVENT being implemented into legislation will have a chilling effect on open debate, free speech and political dissent.

The open letter recognises the failings of PREVENT and urges the government to end this ineffective policy and instead provides the government with an alternative approach based on dialogue and openness.

The full statement and extensive list of signatories can be seen by visiting: Protecting Thought

Since the letter was published, nearly 100 more individuals have sought to have their name added to this public statement in what has become the most authoritative letter opposing a government strategy

If you know any public figures, academics, activists or lawyers who would like to sign, please send them this link: here in order to add their name to the growing list of signatories.

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