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CAGE is alarmed that Mr Begg’s appeals, “fell on deaf ears” – evidently of both IS and the UK government.

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CAGE is alarmed that Mr Begg's appeals "fell on deaf ears" – evidently of both IS and the UK government.
The primary question still remains: Why did the government prevent Mr Begg from issuing meaningful audio-visual appeals in the case of Mr Henning when his life was most at risk? Why is it that instead of constructive dialogue, a decision was made at the highest levels of government that directly led to Moazzam Begg's arrest and detention?
It is important to point out that IS did not exist around the time that Mr Begg was in Syria and they only entered the region months after he had departed. 
Mr Begg has on previous occasions made appeals for Christian hostages in Iraq, all of whom were dressed in orange jumpsuits. His public appeals became instrumental in their release. His efforts were recognised by those very men at the Christian Peacemaker Team. 
As with the case of Alan Henning and other hostages, CAGE calls for dialogue in resolving conflict. For there to be a lasting solution, CAGE believes that there cannot be any compromise of the principles of due process and the rule of law. 
The symbolism of the orange jump suits, are a reminder of the lasting legacy of Guantanamo Bay as the mark of injustice. CAGE believes that such policies of the War on Terror have resulted in a world that is far more unsafe. 
Moazzam Begg wrote the following appeal, that David Cameron refers to. in both Arabic and English. This was written, with the intention of reaching Al-Baghdadi in order to appeal for the release of British citizen Alan Henning. He wrote this whilst still detained in Belmarsh where he was facing trumped up charges in relation to alleged terrorism in Syria, these charges have since been dropped; he approached the FCO in order to facilitate this appeal, the FCO refused to assist and thus this appeal never publically went out.

The Arabic version can be downloaded here. For more information on this, please see here

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