A judge has ruled that the family [1] of a man convicted on terrorism charges can keep its home because it would ‘adversely affect an innocent family’.

The Crown Prosecution Service and Greater Manchester Police had been engaged in a struggle to confiscate the family home of Munir Farooqi, because, they claimed, it was used for terrorist purposes.

However, Mr Farooqi has been ordered to pay some £500,000 toward the legal cost of his case, which may yet force the family to sell two other properties on his behalf. Since Mr Farooqi’s conviction, rent from these two other homes has acted as the family’s sole source of income.

Zulaikha Farooqi, daughter of Munir Farooqi [2] speaking to CAGE on behalf of her family, said: ‘Our campaign which was supported by 50,000 signatures from a diverse community, has continuously stressed to GMP and CPS over the years that the forfeiture of our home would consequent three generations homeless. Today’s decision proves that this is not in the public interest.’

She continued: ‘Our other homes remain under threat and so we shall continue to fight against this injustice with the help of the community. We will also keep trying to show that there has been a miscarriage of justice in the case of our father, Munir Farooqi and continue campaigning for his immediate release.’

Asim Qureshi, Director of Research at CAGE [3], ‘This case shows that the CPS and Greater Manchester Police were not merely concerned with prosecuting terrorism but actively engaged in the crushing of an innocent family.’

‘That the state can try its utmost to render an innocent family homeless using counter-terrorism laws should send out a strong message that these powers are breathtakingly-broad, and need to be drastically curtailed.’ [4]

Munir Farooqi was convicted of terror offences in 2011 and is currently serving 4 life-sentences after a trial that was marred by claims of entrapment. His conviction had been brought about by the work of undercover officers, who were also the only two persons to testify against him. Head of the counter-terrorism unit at the time, Tony Porter said ‘This was an extremely challenging case, both to investigate and successfully prosecute at court, because we did not recover any blueprint, attack plan or endgame for these men.’ [5]



1.  The Farooqi family are available for interview. Please contact CAGE via the details below.

2. An interview between CAGE and the family of Munir Farooqi can be read here: https://cage.ngo/article/savethefamilyhome-cage-speaks-daughter-munir-farooqi

3. CAGE (formerly known as CagePrisoners) is an independent advocacy organisation that works to empower communities affected by the War on Terror and to highlight abuses of due process.

4. Details on the breadth of the legislation used to attempt to seize the house can be read in this article: http://www.truth-out.org/opinion/item/23823-collective-punishment-the-new-law-of-the-united-kingdom

5. Munir Farooqi’s CAGE case file can be read here: https://cage.ngo/case/munir-farooqi


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