27 March 2014

(London, UK) David Anderson QC, the anti-terror watchdog has today called for the strengthening of Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures (TPIMs), despite admitting their ineffectiveness.

Mr Anderson QC, in his annual review of TPIMs, admitted that ‘intelligence of TPIMs subjects is not leading to prosecution’ and that TPIMs 'have proved to be of little value in investigating.' Notwithstanding these fundamental failures, he has called for a return to a quasi-control order regime that was in place before TPIMS, which had to be reformed given serious civil liberties concerns. He also suggested that suspects have contact time with probation officers, a requirement usually reserved for individuals convicted by a court.

In January, a parliamentary committee,  the Joint Committee on Human Rights stated in a damning report that TPIMs were ‘withering on the[ENDS]

Asim Qureshi, Research Director at CAGE said: ‘It is surprising that David Anderson QC has called not just for the continuation of TPIMs but for them to be made even harsher despite their failure to result in any terrorism prosecutions, as well as the damage they have wrought over the lives of innocents.”

Mr Qureshi continued: 'Though we acknowledge Mr Anderson QC’s call for the constraining of the government’s broad definition of terrorism, we feel that anti-terror legislation as a whole ought to be disbanded in favour of our entrenched criminal justice system that has stood the test of time, and which is more than capable of handling highly complex cases.'


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