London – Over 100 leading academics [1], campaigners, professionals and community organisers have signed our joint statement, published in Middle East Eye, calling for the abolition of PREVENT, and setting out an alternative eight step framework for building a healthy, safe society. 

This statement supports a newly released CAGE report titled ‘Beyond PREVENT’, and comes after the release of documents confirming PREVENT is targeting normative Muslim beliefs and criminalising XR climate activists. 

The report calls for a repeal of counter-terrorism laws, an ethical overhaul of British foreign policy, an end to austerity, and the decoupling of counter-terrorism from the public sector entirely, as the first steps on a constructive way forward towards a healthy, safe society.

Dr Asim Qureshi, CAGE Research Director said:

“There is a dire need to leave the past two decades of “security-logic” behind, and adopt a positive social model for a healthy and safe society. This joint statement is the first step in bringing together those who are genuinely interested in such a society.” 

“Our ‘Beyond Prevent’ report calls for the repeal of counter-terrorism legislation and the abolition of PREVENT. Ongoing calls for ‘more security and surveillance’ only lead to circular discussions, and policies that exacerbate fracture and distrust. We must break this impasse.”

The growing counter-terrorism and extremism is sector is vying for wider powers, from silencing dissent to policing the consequences of failing social policies. It is time for NGOs, social movements and other interested groups to begin the discussions that will lead to the structural changes required to address the issues we are confronting.”


[1] See full list of signatories here:

EMBARGOED_Joint Statement_beyond PREVENT


Photo by Joël de Vriend on Unsplash

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