London – CAGE is opposed to any attempts to resurrect or rebrand PREVENT, or put it in the hands of Muslim organisations. The problem with PREVENT is not who is delivering it, but the fact that it is based on flawed theories and bogus ‘science’ – as well as its clear danger to civil society.

We call on all Muslim organisations and civil society groups to join our calls to scrap PREVENT and its like entirely. The policy leads to discrimination, family trauma, lack of due process and the violation of rights, including of free speech and association. It also threatens the right to dissent, thereby standing a real chance of causing political violence rather than countering it.

Furthermore, serious questions have also arisen around PREVENT funding, which in many cases has been used opportunistically to deliver activities and campaigns that divide society.

PREVENT is not just a Muslim issue. There is widespread concern across civil society and professional practitioners about PREVENT theory and methodology. PREVENT methods although originally applied to Muslims are now being applied to others, and are being used against student activists and left-wing groups.

Karen Jayes, spokesperson for CAGE, said:

“PREVENT is a politically motivated programme that seeks to control belief and behaviour, limit debate and discussion in academia, and dilute civil society into a force that is no longer able to question and challenge the government. This has to be opposed no matter who delivers it.”

“Proposals for a “grassroots-led” counter-terrorism programme are unfortunate attempts to rescue the government narrative, which reinforces the idea that terrorism is a Muslim problem when statistics show that this is not the case. It is also an attempt to get Muslims to take ownership of what is the result of wider societal problems and ongoing aggressive foreign policy, while the government remains blameless.”

“CAGE will continue for the total repeal of PREVENT with partners in wider civil society and a reversal and an undoing of the ideas that have been embedded amongst professional practice, regardless of who is implementing it. We call on all Muslim organisations to act with us as equal citizens and not pander to what is at heart an Islamophobic agenda.”


(CC image courtesy of FarzanaL on Flickr)

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