Stop the Counter Extremism Bill



Moazzam Begg, ex Guantanamo Bay detainee, CAGE Outreach Director

Malia Bouattia, Black Students’ Officer, National Union of Students

Sufyan Ismail, Founder, Muslim Engagement & Development (MEND)

Weyman Bennett, Stand Up to Racism


Newham Stand Up to Racism and Newham MEND (Muslim Engagement and Development) are holding this meeting as part of Islamophobia Awareness Month. Islamophobic attacks in London have risen by 70% in a year. Over 90% of press coverage relating to Muslims and Islam is negative reporting. Some 61% of Britons now believe Islam is incompatible with British culture and 44% believe there are too many Muslims in the UK. We need to stand united against this rise in anti-Muslim prejudice.


Government policy is fuelling division. Over the last year a wave of ‘counter extremism’ legislation has cast the Muslim community as host of “extremism”. These laws, including the government ‘PREVENT’ strategy, is targeted at those deemed ‘non-violent extremists’ not guilty or accused of any criminal activity but who hold views of which the government disapproves.


Parents are now warning their children not to discuss ‘politics’ or their religious belief at school or college. Lecturers and teachers have been warned that they can be held responsible if they do not report on their pupils or their families. This represents an attack on fundamental liberties of all.

The East End has a proud tradition of uniting against prejudice, racism and attacks on liberty. We need to stand together now and not allow our community to be divided.


Come and join the discussion let’s organise! To register your place please do so here.

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