Write to the Pakistani President

Those campaigning for Mushtaq Ahmad are trying to file an appeal to the Supreme Court in an attempt to save Mushtaq. A positive outcome is very uncertain.
Support him by writing to Mamnoon Hussein, the Pakistani President asking him not to execute Mushtaq Ahmad.

Simply copy, paste and send the text below to the following address: secretary@president.gov.pk. Ask your friends and families to do the same.

Dear President,

Mushtaq Ahmad, a civilian, has been on death row since 2004 after General Musharraf accused him of the actual triggering of the explosive in a failed attack against him in 2003 while he was in the city of Rawalpindi. Despite the fact that another man, Abdul Islam Sidduqui, was convicted and later hanged for that very same act.

Mushtaq Ahmed’s case is tainted by a complete denial to due process including: torture; no presentation of evidence except confessions gained under torture; and no right of appeal. The proceedings were conducted in camera (in private) inside a military court even though he is a civilian.

Mushtaq Ahmed has nothing to do with the Peshawar school attack, so why would he have to pay for someone else’s action?

Please do not execute Mushtaq Ahmed and all the other detainees in a similar situation.

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