(London) CAGE is extremely concerned by the heavy-handed and disproportionate response of UK police after the alleged death of Abdul Waheed Majid in Syria. While the community is mourning the loss of a valued member, they have been placed under undue pressure and had their homes raided by the police. A further three raids this morning indicates that the police are attempting to use the incident as a means of surveilling the community

An anonymous victim of this morning’s raid said:    

“It is appalling that while we are mourning the potential death of a dear friend, the police have raided my family home causing immense distress to my wife and elderly father.  We haven’t been accused of any crimes yet we are being victimised.  None of us have been arrested or detained yet the police are criminalising our whole family.”    

Asim Qureshi, Research Director of CAGE said:   

“The family, who have still not received any confirmation of the loss, are being criminalised without any of the facts having been ascertained. The reaction by the police has not only been insensitive, but has placed the whole community under suspicion, without any evidence of a crime having been committed.”    

CAGE calls on the police to withdraw from this fishing exercise, to assist the family in seeking clarity, and to carry out any investigation with a calm and respectful approach.    



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