London – The latest report by the Commission for Countering Extremism, Challenging Hateful Extremism, presents very little substantial content, instead introducing yet another new focus for the failing ‘extremism industry’.

To ensure it remains relevant, the CCE has latched onto an ever-expanding array of thoughts and beliefs that it seeks to ‘criminalise’ under the banner of counter-extremism.

It seeks to do so by further co-opting civil society to perform a surveillance function, while advocating for a range of civil sanctions to enable the enforcement of its agenda.

Much of the report consists of unfounded ad hominem attacks on CAGE and other Muslim organisations and community leaders – unsurprising, given that the CCE is composed of individuals and institutions deeply tied to the Islamophobia industry. This is outlined in more detail in our report released earlier this year CCE Exposed.

Dr Asim Qureshi, Research Director for CAGE said:

“The CCE report is an attempt to take the UK down a deeper darker path towards silencing any form of dissent to the structures of racism within the state. Sara Khan has demonstrated her desire for a closed society, which is indicative of the poor way in which the entire topic has been studied and accepted. By relying on right-wing think tanks and Muslims committed to supporting securitisation, the CCE has only confirmed the objectionable nature of its existence.”

Cerie Bullivant, Spokesperson for CAGE said:

“The CCE has not coined the term ‘Hateful Extremism’, it appeared previously in the Greater Manchester Combined Authority’s A Shared Future’ report, and its broad use here only signals the shift further away from combating violence and further into the realm of social control.

“PREVENT and the counter-extremism sector have exacted unimaginable pain and trauma on our communities. CAGE and others have been instrumental in empowering our communities and giving them the tools to challenge the effects of such policies.”

“For the purveyors of PREVENT and those who routinely smear Muslim organisations as “extreme” – whatever that means – to play victim, as they do in this report, is not only an insult to those who face the brunt of these policies, but it is also a rather desperate attempt to distract us from their real intent – unbelievable, given the power of the state and media, which is on their side.”


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