Stand Up To Racism is organising three major national demonstrations with the support of the TUC in London, Glasgow and Cardiff on Saturday 18 March, as part of international action on UN anti-racism day. The protests will come just as Theresa May says she will invoke article 50 to trigger “Brexit”. May’s Tory government is keeping the question of immigration and freedom of movement at the centre of British politics and continues to scapegoat migrants and refugees.

The protests also come against a backdrop of a spike in hate crime after the EU referendum, the intensification of Islamophobia and antisemitism, the election of Donald Trump as US president and growing support for the far right across much of Europe. Come to this rally to discuss how we can confront the rise in racism and build a broad anti racist movement. We want to go onto the streets in our tens of thousands on 18 March to stand up to racism.

Wednesday 15 February, 7.30pm

Priory Street Community Centre,

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