MI5 Harassment Know Your Rights2019-06-24T11:53:42+00:00

MI5 Harassment

MI5 Harassment Know Your Rights leaflet

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Who are MI5?2019-06-21T17:24:54+00:00

MI5 are the UK government’s security service. Their ‘official’ role is to protect national security, in particular threats such as terrorism, espionage and sabotage. One of the methods they use to do this is to gather intelligence.

Why would they want to approach me?2019-06-21T17:28:12+00:00

MI5 may approach you to gather intelligence which could be used against yourself and/or others.

Can MI5 arrest me?2019-06-21T17:29:09+00:00

No, MI5 do not have powers to arrest individuals. However, they may provide information to the police which leads to an arrest.

Can MI5 administer a Schedule 7 stop?2019-06-21T17:31:29+00:00

No, MI5 do not have powers to conduct a Schedule 7 stop. However, they may be present during a stop.

Do I have to speak to MI5 officers?2019-06-21T17:32:25+00:00

You are under no obligation to speak to them. However, it is important you seek legal advice from a competent solicitor prior to making this decision.

If I choose to meet them, what should I do?2019-06-21T17:34:06+00:00

If a solicitor provides legal advice that you should meet with MI5 officers, it is important that the solicitor attends the meeting with you.

Where might MI5 approach me?2019-06-21T17:35:17+00:00

There is no set place that MI5 officers operate, they may be approach you in the street, at the jobcentre, at work, at the airport, or simply call you.

What should I do if I am approached by MI5?2019-06-21T17:36:19+00:00

STEP 1: You should remain calm and polite. You should explain you will seek legal advice.

STEP 2: Inform a solicitor and seek further instructions.

STEP 3: Contact CAGE to record your encounter and understand your rights