Following the reports last week by the Washington Post declaring the identity of “Jihadi John” as Londoner Mohammed Emwazi, CAGE issued statements, evidence of emails and a press conference regarding his case.

In the interactions he had with CAGE it details the harassment he endured at the hands of security services. CAGE called for accountability for their actions, stating they cannot continue to operate without impunity. Due to this, CAGE came under attack as an organisation and individuals who are part of CAGE did too. Despite this vilification, CAGE received many messages of support, some of which are compiled below (names have been removed). This page is continously updated with new messages we receive.


I will also like to inform you of the strong level of support you have from the Muslim community who we engaged with whilst taking orders and delivering the cakes. This is something we should all be proud of and it should give us great hope moving forward. 
Finally, myself, my wife and our family, will like to thank you for giving the Muslims a voice, for sacrificing your time and lives, and putting up a valiant effort in the face of oppression. Our duas are with you.”
(Message received via email from the individuals making cupcakes to raise money for CAGE)

“Asalamu’alaikum wa rahmatuallahi wa barakatuhu
I just wanted drop a quick email to say Say Strong all the brave brothers and sisters at Cage for the amazing and courageous work you are doing. Please do not let the relentless pressure and media bias the organisation is currently facing deter you from doing what you have done so amazingly in the last 11 or so years. 
I pray with all my heart that Allah Almighty protects all those at Cage with the best resolve and from all evil, as well as bless the organisation with abundant barakah  insha’allah.
Brother Asim Quereshi, Jazakum’allahkhair for your bravery, dignity and eloquence in the face of hatred, ignorance and sometimes plain indifference. May Allah Almighty continue to grant you strength in the face of any adversity.”
(Message sent via email)


I would like to thank you for your support of the Muslim community and hope this excellent work continues. I am shocked but not surprised by the hostile press your director and organisation are currently receiving since your statement on Muhammad Emwazi. 

This kind of reaction clearly indicates to me as a Muslim who is British and calls Britain home that we are ‘second class citizen’ . We are unfortunately viewed by the government and press as the ‘enemy within’ and any narrative or genuine concern we try to put forward will be dismissed,  ridiculed as ‘terrorist sympathisers’,  and continuously attacked by all sides of the media irrespective of which side the media is leaning.

The propaganda and narrative by the media and government has made me wonder if we will ever defeat organisations such as ISIS or does the Western government have the will to defeat this modern day barbarism? Does ISIS serve another agenda for our leaders? Many commentators and writers such Noam Chomsky, Owen Jones,  Norman Finklestein and many others have eloquently highlighted our concerns however these individuals are regularly ignored or their analysis are continuously drowned out by the government and media. They would rather listen to think tanks such as Quilliam Foundation, Henry Jackson Society or other right wing think tank who provide a narrative which the government would rather agree with.”

(Message sent via email)

“Message of solidarity #withCAGE

Alhamdulillah – All Praise is due to Allah and may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam)

Dear Brothers, Sisters & friends,