Syrian mukhabarat (secret police) came to question Heba Dabbagh for “just five minutes”. This turned into 9 years of detention and abuse in the prisons of Hafez al-Assad (father of Bashar al-Assad). She documented her harrowing ordeal in “Just Five Minutes: Nine Years in the Prisons of Syria”.

Brother Moazzam has always recommended her book to others and held her in high regard as an activist against injustice.

Sister Heba has shared this heartfelt du'a with CAGE:

نسأل الله ان يفك عن المسجون سجنه وعن المظلوم ماوقع عليه وعن المكلوم الجرح الذي نزل عليه واسأل الله العلي
العظيم ان يفرج عن الاخ معظم الضيق والظلم الذي نزل به وان يعين عائلة
الصابره المحتسه للتعامل مع هذه المحنه

"We ask Allah to free the imprisoned from his prison, the one oppressed from what has befallen him, and from the grieving wound that has descended upon him. I ask Allah the Most High, the Greatest to release brother Moazzam from the distress and injustice that has come upon him and to appoint for his family patience to deal with this tribulation".

You can read her powerful testimony by purchasing a copy of her book:

Just Five Minutes Nine Years in The Prisons of Syria

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