The government’s PREVENT policy has been criticised by MP’s, parliamentary committees and community leaders for unjustly targeting entire Muslim communities, including school children.

These essential workshops are designed to educate you so you can protect yourself and your families – normal hard working people – from policies that have criminalised a peaceful community for the crimes of others.

  1. PREVENT: Does PREVENT really prevent terrorism?
    Presented by Moazzam Begg
    Saturday 6th August PREVENT
  2. Schedule 7: Being Stopped by border police
    Presented by Cerie Bullivant
    Saturday 13th August 2016
  3. Know your rights: Demonisation of a community
    Presented by Cerie Bullivant
    Saturday 20th August 2016

8:45pm – After Maghrib Prayer


Redbridge Islamic Centre
179 Eastern Avenue
Redbridge, IG4 5AW



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