By the grace of Allah, CAGE has been able to operate without banking facilities for over 2 years. It has not been easy. We have been operating month to month on diminished and limited resources. During this period, we have come under intense pressure and scrutiny from the media, from politicians and from the legal system. But there has also been a number of triumphs and successes.

However, with further counter-terrorism and extremism laws being introduced, CAGE must increase its efforts to protect your rights against oppressive policies such as PREVENT. This can only be done with YOUR support.

This year so far, you have raised a staggering 60% of our annual £250k target. In this blessed month of Ramadan CAGE urgently requires your financial support to raise the remainder of this amount.

We need 100k in 30 days
This month is a golden opportunity for reward
Donate your Zakat and Sadaqah to #KEEPCAGEGOING


How you can help?

1) Donate now

*Further details on other payment methods can be found on our dedicated donation page.

2) Attend the CAGE annual iftar with Tariq Ramadan. Book now to avoid disappointment!


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3) Join the campaign: become a ‘CAGE Supporter’

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4) Change your Profile picture and encourage friends and family to donate!
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5) Fundraise for CAGE: Follow these 6 easy steps
  1. Go to to register your details. Then close window.
  2. Go to in a new window to set up your page.
  3. Give your page a title and include the word ‘CAGE’.
  4. Only include the “CAGE” tag!
  5. Submit and wait for approval from IGO
  6. Share your link with us at and start promoting your campaign with friends and family!
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6) Join the brothers Snowdon fundraising climb 

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7) Buy your very own CAGE merchandise

Visit the CAGE stall at the Ramadan Bazar just behind the East London Mosque (Tesco car park).

Ramadan Bazar

Open every night after Isha

8) Organise mosque collections
  1. Contact your local masjid to confirm a a collection slot for the month of Ramadan.
  2. Once confirmed, email to let us know.
  3. We can then arrange for a team to attend for the collection or provide you with the collection boxes.
JazakumAllahu khairan for your support. It is due to people like you that we are able to continue to stand up for justice and be a voice for the voiceless. Thank you for helping us to assist victims of the War on Terror.  
Verily those who give sadaqah, men and women, and lend Allah a goodly loan, it shall be increased manifold, and theirs shall be an honourable good reward (Paradise)” [57:18].

(NOTE: CAGE represents cases of individuals based on the remit of our work. Supporting a case does not mean we agree with the views or actions of the individual. Content published on CAGE may not reflect the official position of our organisation.)