Who is Ammar Al Baluchi?

  • Ammar al-Baluchi was born on August 29, 1977. His family is from Balochistan, a region divided by nation states including Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan.
  • Ammar was kidnapped in Karachi in April 2003 and transferred to US custody. He was 25 years old.
  • For three years, he was held in a black site, a mysterious hidden prison where he suffered unspeakable torture.
  • In 2006, he was transferred to Guantanamo Bay prison, and placed in isolation at Camp 7. A year later he was classified as an “enemy combatant” (EC).
  • The US alleged that he helped finance 9/11, but they have refused to give him a fair trial. They are trying their best to keep the details of his torture secret, and as a result will not offer him a means to rebut the allegations.
  • Despite being in US custody for over 15 years, Ammar has never received a status hearing as required by the Geneva Convention. This means that his continued detention and trial by military commission is illegal under international law.

Watch: The Story of Ammar Al-Baluchi

Watch the heart-wrenching story of Ammar Al Baluchi and join all those who demand justice for him and all men left in Guantanamo. If you’re on Twitter then join our campaign for #JusticeForAmmar.

Tweet the Joint Task Force in Guantanamo @JTFGTMO and the @DeptofDefense and demand he is released or is given a fair trial!

The irony of American ‘democracy’ is bitterly clear.
“It is so devastating to see a society that claims to be and portray itself as civilised and modern, employ doctors knowingly not to heal and care, but [to actually do] the opposite: to maximize and increase the pain and suffering of a human being, ” Ammar says.

“The first thing that comes to mind is Nazi Doctors conducting all kind of brutal and sadistic experiments on captives…”

“The military commissions at Guantanamo are illegal because they are a separate court system built only for non-US citizens: Muslim men on an island where U.S. laws and rights don’t apply.

Military commissions are only meant to be used for combatants in a war, but Ammar is a civilian, and trying civilians in military commissions is strictly forbidden under normal circumstances.”

“Right now, we want Ammar al Baluchi, against whom there is no case, to be released. Even if there is a case against him, then it is very weak.

All the international organizations that are working should produce evidence for his release. I request them to take his case to the entire press.”