When: 11:00am to 6:00pm

Where: City of Edinburgh Methodist Church, 25 Nicolson Square, Edinburgh EH8 9BX


Crucial event in the view of the racist attacks, abuse and Islamophobia that has followed the terrorist attacks in Paris: twin conferences are being held in London and Edinburgh, presented jointly by SACC and IHRC.


Edinburgh speakers:

Moazzam Begg is a former Guantánamo prisoner and is Outreach Director of CAGE.

Craig Murray is a former British ambassador to Uzbekistan.

Salman Sayyid is a reader in sociology at Leeds University and is the author of Recalling the Caliphate.

Abed Choudhury is Head of Advocacy at IHRC.

Mazhar Khan is Secretary of the Muslim Council of Scotland.

Another speaker, also named Mazhar Khan, represents the Manchester Muslim Forum.

Ade Johnson is the brother-in-law of Sheku Bayoh, who died in police custody in Kirkcaldy on 3 May 2015.

Charlotte Ahmed represents UAF Scotland.

Douglas Chalmers is President of UCU Scotland.

Samena Dean is Chair of MWAE.

Shuwanna Aaron is Convener of Edinburgh University BME Liberation Group.

Nicola Fisher is Chair of Glasgow Stop the War Coalition.

Abdul Ahad Hussain is media representative of FOSIS Scotland.

You can register on the door from 11am, but to be sure of a place we recommend that you register in advance. Suggested contributions: £10 standard, £5 low-waged, £3 students/unwaged. Any financial contribution you make is appreciated. But everyone is welcome, whether able to contribute or not.


Register online here

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