Investigative journalists have reported increasing cases of British Muslims having their passports removed, or having their leave to remain refused. We would like to hear from you to get a picture of the real situation.

Under the slogan ‘War on Terror’, there have been moves in the United Kingdom to prioritise national ‘security measures’ over basic principles of justice and equality. As part of this move towards a ‘security state’ it appears that the citizenship of British Muslims is being called into question.


Investigative journalists have reported growing numbers of individuals who have been deprived of their citizenship, whilst it is also apparent that others have had their passport removed or not renewed. In some cases individuals who have permanent leave to remain in Britain but who have not become full citizens have their permanent residency revoked.


Have you or a member of your family had your citizenship deprived?

Have you or a member of your family had your passport removed?

Have you or a member of your family been denied the renewal of your passport?

Or have you or someone you know experienced similar incidents?


If so, we want to know.


Working in partnership with researchers at the University of York we want to try and document as many of these cases as possible so we can get a sense of what’s happening. Please get in touch with us at or call us on 0207 3776700.