London – Hassan Iquioussen, a French Moroccan imam of 30 years with a wide appeal amongst some French Muslims has today lost his legal challenge against the Interior Minister’s decision to exile him at the Supreme Court. 

Iquioussen, who has never been tried or convicted of a crime and whom Supreme Court accepted did not undermine the ‘laws of the republic’, is amongst the first number of imams to be purged from France because their views do not conform with the Macron engineered Islam and his deeply Islamophobic ‘Imam’s Charter’.  

The Supreme Court has rubber stamped the expulsion order and failed in its duty to check the powers of the executive. It sets a precedent whereby preaching Islamic family norms and expressing dissenting political views are de-facto criminalised and justify the silencing and if possible, the complete exile of those who don’t conform to France’s draconian laws on Islam and Muslims. 

Legal Jurist and France based researcher for CAGE, Rayan Freschi said:

“The Islamophobic decision to exile Imam Hassan Iquioussen is part of a broader persecution that French muslims have been facing and possibly marks the beginning of an Imam purge. As evidenced in our report – “We are beginning to spread Terror” – after having silenced prominent Muslim organisations, the State is now resorting to targeting individuals whose beliefs – political or not – are not in line with republican state beliefs.”

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