London – Former Guantanamo Bay prisoners have added their voice to a letter to the Home Office by Yusuf Mingazov, the only child of former Russian Guantanamo Bay prisoner Ravil Mingazov who is currently imprisoned in the UAE without charge or trial. The letter requests the Home Secretary to intervene by extending the political asylum afforded to Yusuf and his Mother in 2014 to his father. This follows a separate letter by British MP’s demanding the same from the Home Office. 

The letter also raises alarm about the UAE’s intention to repatriate Ravil to Russia, where he would be at risk of being tortured, a move widely condemned by the UN and activists alike. 

Ravil Mingazov, who had been abducted in Pakistan in 2002, spent 15 years in Guantanamo Bay without charge or trial. He was transferred in January 2017 to prison in the UAE. He has since been subjected to additional mistreatment and confinement by the UAE authorities. Ravil has been repeatedly threatened by the authorities that he will be returned to Russia where his life will be endangered. 

In addition to the UK Home Office, the US State Department and Senior Representative of Guantanamo Affairs Tina Kaidanow must take responsibility for the abuse and mistreatment Ravil has faced by ensuring his release and resettlement in the UK. CAGE has launched a campaign to free Ravil by urging Ms Kaidanow to intervene in Ravil’s case and ensure his freedom [4]. 

Yusuf Mingazov, son of Ravil Mingazov, said:

“My father has endured over two decades of imprisonment, torture and mistreatment and has been separated from his family for over twenty years. He is an innocent man. He deserves the chance to live his life in freedom and safety, with his family. To allow his repatriation to Russia would be to turn a blind eye to his further torture and would render him vulnerable to the very real risk of death. There is no reason why he should be made to suffer any further.”

Anas Mustapha, Head of Public Advocacy at CAGE said:

“Numerous voices have emerged in support of Ravil Mingazov’s freedom and resettlement to the UK. The Home Office and US State Department have a moral responsibility to heed these appeals.”

“CAGE’s #FreeRavil campaign will continue to press until Yusuf is reunited with his father once again.”


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