A number of items may have been taken during a raid. The most common of which are:

1. Electronics

2. Passports and personal documentation

You should pursue the return of these documents with some urgency. The lack of identification may be a hindrance to applying for jobs, benefits, housing and access to other state services. Lawyers should be able to assist you with this.

3. Cash

  • For large amounts of cash seized, you will have to explain where this has come from. It is important that you can evidence this, this may include invoices and bank statements
  • Money over £1,000 can be seized if police have “reasonable grounds” to believe that it has been gained from illegal activities or could be used for illegal activities.
  • Should you be present during a raid, police should allow you to see when money is seized and request you sign seized money when it is put in an evidence bag.
  • In instances in which financing terrorism cannot be proven, legal action for fraud may be pursued

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