There are numerous reliable tools, which can help to protect your privacy.

  • Using end-to-end encryption:
    By using encrypted messaging applications and tools you can ensure to a high degree that your communications remain private and away from prying eyes. We recommend you use a messaging app called Signal.


  • Using encrypted and private browsing:
    By ensuring that you browse the net securely, you can protect your web browsing data from being exploited by unscrupulous actors. For example, use the Tor browser.


  • Have strong passwords:
    This means having a password composed of a minimum of four or more words, using symbols and numbers. Where possible, have two-factor authentication in place or go one step further and use a password manager to keep your data secure.


  • Protect your devices:
    This may be an obvious one, but if you misplace, lose or forget your device then you will be immediately at risk of your data being compromised.

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