Systematic Obstruction of…. Muslims!

In February 2018 the French government began a policy called the “Systematic Obstruction” policy.

The aim of the policy was to target so-called ‘radical Islam’.

According to the former French Home Secretary Christophe Castaner, pictured right, this is synonymous with:
the beard, hijab, prayer, religiosity during ramadhan and other normal expressions of Islam.

The small steps towards systemic Islamophobia: A timeline

  • February 2018: Policy is implemented in only 15 classified locations.
  • November 2019: Policy made public and extended to the entire country through the establishment of special departmental cells against ‘Islamism and communitarian withdrawal’ nationwide.
  • October 2020: President Macron introduces Islamophobic Anti-Separatism Bill which builds on the Systematic Obstruction powers.
  • July 2021: Anti-Separatism bill adopted by Parliament.

The Shocking Impact of the Systematic Obstruction policy

Government units nationwide to monitor Islam and Muslims
Muslim organisations and businesses placed on a secret blacklist and under strict monitoring
Muslim-owned organisations and businesses were closed

Including at least

Schools closed
Mosques closed
Businesses closed
Organisations closed
Cash seized from Muslims

(Figures correct as of October 2021)

 On average this is a staggering:

24 investigations a day

15 closures a month

€10m seized a year!

How Muslim businesses and organisations are punished for being Muslim in France

101 special units of the French government aggressively check that legislation is being correctly implemented. This includes:

Security policies,

Health and Safety policies,

Taxes etc

The tiniest infraction leads to severe sanction:

Permanent closure

Temporary closure

Seizure of funds

Fines and financial sanctions

Entrenching the obstruction policy against Muslims through the Anti-Separatism Bill

“I request you to intensify your obstruction actions by systematically connecting with the departmental cells.
This obstruction policy will be soon strengthened by the new dispositions of the [Anti-Separatism] bill to reinforce respect for Republican Principles.”

– French Prime Minister Jean Castex

By targeting its Muslim minority on a systematic basis and despite its vicious whitewashing propaganda, the French State leads what can only be described as an Islamophobic persecution.

The Anti-Separatism Bill will only strengthen it by granting additional powers to the State.

It  is our duty to unveil the great injustice French Muslims currently face and speak out against a State whose actions are driven by its Islamophobic hatred.

Images used courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Arthur Empereur and Florian David

Article last updated: October 2021

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