In March 2006, CAGE compiled and published the most comprehensive report on British involvement in rendition and torture

The report, Fabricating Terrorism: British Complicity in Renditions and Torture, highlights a litany of cases where British authorities have been expressly involved in the torture and illegal rendition of suspects in the ‘War on Terror’.

Such unlawful practices have been strongly condemned by human rights organisations worldwide, and yet Britain remains complicit in them.

Geoffrey Bindman, chair of the British Institute of Human Rights, comments that the document is a, ‘damning indictment’ of British policy. He continues to say that the cases,

“…demonstrate an intolerable level of collaboration and collusion between UK and US authorities in the abuses which have taken place at Guantanamo and elsewhere through the ‘outsourcing’ of torture.”

The case studies provided on the ex-Guantánamo detainees provides shocking evidence that British authorities were complicit in their abduction and torture before being sent to Guantánamo and even whilst being detained there.

Binyamin Al Habashi – a British resident kidnapped and rendered to Guantánamo via the torture dungeons of Morocco – relates his Moroccan torturers mocking him, “Why do you think the Brits sold you out to us so cheaply? Why do you think they sent you here?…We have been working with the British, and we have photos of people given to us by MI5.

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