Yesterday, Ali Saleh Al-Marri was released from prison in the US and was returned to his family in Qatar. CAGE has been in touch with Ali’s family and has obtained this statement below:

Finally after 13 years of unjust imprisonment, I am home with my family whom I have missed more than anyone can hope to imagine. I have missed so much of my children’s lives, years I will never get back. My son was just 8 months old when I last held him in my hands. For years I lived in a judicial black hole that I hope no one should have to endure. Right now I am just happy to be back in my homeland.”

– Ali Saleh Al-Marri

After only 3 months in the US, there with his family in order to study, Ali was detained on a number of different charges, only for the US government to drop all charges and declare him an enemy combatant where he was handed over to the military. In over a decade in detention he was confined to a solitary cell, initially deprived of legal counsel and all the while no charges were laid against him.

Ali’s release has now been secured, his family recently confirmed that despite all he endured, he is in great spirits.

(Ali Saleh Al-Marri (middle) with his son AbdurRahman (right) in Qatar today)

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