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Universal Enemy: Rethinking Jihad & Humanitarianism In Bosnia

With Darryl Li & Babar Ahmad

Date: Friday 6th November 2020

Time: 7pm

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Join CAGE’s research Director Asim Qureshi in a discussion with Darryl Li the author of one of the most anticipated books within the field of Jihad and scholarship in recent years. If the global War on Terror has taught us anything, it is that it is very easy to write badly about Muslims, particularly in the context of conflict. Both Moazzam Begg and Babar Ahmad know this well as their own experiences tell. Darryl Li’s ‘The Universal Enemy’ stands as a salutary antidote to so much that passes for scholarship on the subject.

Since the advent of the War on Terror, the presence of foreign mujahideen and aid workers in Bosnia has been represented by terrorism experts as part of the history of terrorism. Join CAGE’s Research Director as he chairs a discussion on a new book by Darryl Li that complicates many assumptions about the foreigners present in Bosnia during the genocide. Bringing personal reflections on their travels during the Bosniak jihad, British Muslims Moazzam Begg and Babar Ahmad share their lived experiences of having been on the ground as volunteers and reflect on what lessons we can learn from that period.

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