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Defending those who defend others
Date: Sunday 24th January
Time: 6:30pm
Featuring: Gareth Peirce,
Michael Finucane (Ireland),
Stanley Cohen (USA),
Fahad Ansari,
Clive Stafford Smith,
Habeeb Iqbal (Kashmir),
Feroze Boda (South Africa)
The 24th of January marks the annual day of the endangered lawyer. This is a day that sheds light on all the challenges faced by those that serve the justice system with integrity, at times challenging the corruption within the very institutions and establishments they serve.

Lawyers in their professional capacity, and from an ethical standpoint, should be able to practice their duty to uphold justice without intimidation, harassment and interference.

Today we are seeing an increase in populist politics, where intimidating tactics are being deployed against the justice system by governments eager to cling to power.

This is not only making it more difficult for society to challenge oppressive laws but on a deeper level, it is tearing at the pillars of justice.

Join CAGE for this exclusive legal seminar as we mark this day with an expert panel whose experiences span across the world and are known for their courageous practice. As we witness an increasing erosion of the rule of law, our panel will discuss the role lawyers play in upholding justice.

(NOTE: CAGE represents cases of individuals based on the remit of our work. Supporting a case does not mean we agree with the views or actions of the individual. Content published on CAGE may not reflect the official position of our organisation.)

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