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In a world where Islam is being labelled as a “cancer” by major Western diplomats and statesmen, entire Muslim communities are being wiped out and persecuted in east Asia and central Africa, and approximately one-fifth of the world’s population is being demonised simply for believing in the oneness of God and trying their best to enact the commandments as individuals living in pluralistic societies, Islamophobia must be eradicated down to its very core.

The Islamic Society of Middlesex University will be holding an a grand event discussing the origins of anti-Muslimness, institutional Islamophobia, its international impact through foreign policy, and how we can tackle it in a revolutionary way. The event will blessed with a panel of exciting speakers and figures in the British Muslim community:

Moazzam Begg – a former Guantanamo Bay detainee who was held at the US camp (infamous for its carrying out of a wide variety of torture) on false charges and has been a first-hand witness to international Islamophobia and its horrific effects.

Dilly Hussain – a well-known journalist within the Muslim community who has a vast experience of writing for long-established papers and media houses, and is a senior editor of the British Muslim news site 5Pillars. He has personally experienced the surveillance of the Muslim community throughout his career and has an in-depth knowledge of it.

Sulaiman Lkaderi – former President of the Middlesex University Students’ Union and current member of well-established news organisation Middle East Eye, he possesses vast insight into the inner workings of the systems of political Islam and how Islamophobia has been orchestrated to persecute the lives and ideas of Muslims worldwide, particularly through foreign policy.

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