CAGE Africa documents and campaigns against due process violations that take place under the banner of the ‘War on Terror’ in Africa. Currently, the United States completes over 100 military operations every day in Africa, a vastly under reported “war” characterised by lethal drone strikes which often injure or kill civilians and livestock, the training of armies and counter-terrorism police who are well known for their abusive tactics against Muslims, and support for live operations by multi-state forces such as AFRICOM, also known for their abuse of civilians.

This approach is profoundly counter-productive in the long term and will only result in more violence. CAGE Africa calls for an end to these operations and the restoration of justice and the rule of law in countries around Africa. We do so by highlighting abuse and supporting organisations that work for peace and justice through our coverage of their work, and through our ongoing engagement with the media to draw the world’s attention to this modern day scramble for Africa.

Our work consists of media engagement, report writing, publishing articles and in-depth research.

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