This briefing paper outlines how the government’s proposed CV Bill will give the state far-reaching powers to dismantle the fundamental rights of individuals and communities.

While decisive action is essential to tackle the coronavirus outbreak, such an approach means that the Bill also poses a long term threat to the social fabric of the UK.

Extra powers must be subject to strict and effective oversight and must end within a reasonable time around the end of the pandemic.

CAGE raises the following concerns about the Bill: 

  • It allows the state to detain, isolate, assess and force disclosures about infections from individuals – as well as making non-compliance an offence;
  • It consists of vague terms around the banning of events, gatherings and meetings, which can be easily extended to outlaw protests, shut down political activism, and undermine freedom of association;
  • The amendments to the Mental Health Act 1983 allow for easier detention and medication-without-consent of individuals, an alarming development in the context of the high rate of deaths in mental health detention.
  • Most alarmingly, the Bill includes clauses that allows it to be extended, modified and effectively made permanent in the future.


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