London – The idea of a Commission for Countering Extremism (CCE) when there is no accepted definition of “extremism” is flawed at best.

The definition can only be found in policy documents relating to PREVENT and that definition has come under a great deal of fire from civil society and community organisations.

If opposition to the rule of law is a sign of “extremism”, then the systematic dismantling of due process rights in the UK legal system and silencing of dissent is indicative of state sponsored “extremism”, with the CCE being the latest manifestation.

Asim Qureshi research director at CAGE, said:

“The government has already made up its mind about where the emphasis of its counter extremism strategy should be. Throughout the history of PREVENT it has relied on partners with minimal links to communities in order to prop up the policy. The appointment of Sara Khan is unremarkable considering the long history of such state nepotism.”

“CAGE calls for a complete policy of disengagement with the commission.”


CC image courtesy of deccgovuk on Flikr

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