The venue for this event has now changed to the Amanah Centre, 251 Commercial Rd, London E1 2BT, nearest station Whitechapel


Following CAGE’s recent victory over the Charity Commission at the High Court, join us Thursday 5th November to understand the significance and far-reaching implications of this decision on the charity sector as well as the Muslim community as a whole.
Speakers include :
  • Dr Adnan Siddiqui
  • Dr Abdul Wahid
  • Imam Shakeel Begg
  • Jahangir Mohammed
  • Moazzam Begg
  • Azad Ali
  • Ibtihal Bsis
  • Mujib Gallagher
  • Video message from Sh Dr Haitham Al Haddad
  • Usthadh Uthman Latif
  • Saghir Hussain
To reserve your space register for free here #CAGEvsCHARITYCOM

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