Today Cageprisoners release their new report, ‘Citizens No More: ‘War on Terror’ Abuses in Bosnia and Herzegovina’ which seeks to highlight some of the injustices occurring in the name of counter-terrorism within Europe.

The work of the Council of Europe and other human rights organisations has helped to shed light on the complicity of European countries in the illegal policies of the War on Terror, however little mention has been made of Bosnia and Herzegovina which by all accounts was the first country to be subject to policies put forward by the US. The model used in Bosnia would later be used in Afghanistan and Pakistan leading to the detentions in Guantanamo Bay.

The report particularly seeks to address the growing number of deportations to countries which practise torture. The Bosnian government is being pressured into revoking citizenships in order to refoul individuals to their countries of origin. One such man, Fadhil Al Hammadani, explains,

“When they extradite me to Iraq, they will do so as a terrorist, not like a man without papers, but as a terrorist. I will more than likely go missing as soon as I land there.”

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